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What is 'Switch to BOLE'?

It is a process to switch your current number from your current provider to BOLE

Do I need to make any type of payment to switch to BOLE?

Yes, just purchase BOLE sim card from our Entrepreneur at RM8

How will I receive the sim card?

You may collect your BOLE sim card from our Entrepreneur

What to do after receiving the sim card?

After receiving the sim card, you may proceed with the port in process using HOTWAVE mobile appr further troubleshooting from 8am - 10pm

How long is the port in process?

It will normally take 24-48 working hours to activate the servicerther troubleshooting from 8am - 10pm

I am a TuneTalk subscribers, can I apply to switch to BOLE?

Yes, for TuneTalk subscribers, you are only eligible for the 'Get New Sim'

How many times I can apply to switch to BOLE?

You can register 5 sim cards per MyKad

Get New Sim

What is Get New Sim?

Getting a new BOLE Sim card to switch over to BOLE

Do I need to make type of payment for Get New Sim?

Yes, need to perform a credit reload minimum of RM30 as shown in form

What is the payment channel for Hotwave credits reload?

Online banking transaction and credit card

Why do I need to do the credit reload?

Credit reload is needed to make sure the new BOLE sim card is active status

Is there any deduction or fees involved after the reload has been made?

There no any deduction on your reload for the Get New Sim and you will receive the full amount of the reload in your new sim except SST charges forpassport holders.

How will I receive the sim card?

You may collect your BOLE sim card from our Entrepreneur

How is this Get New SIM processing is done?

Customer will fill in and complete the order form and continue to make the creditreload payment. The SIM card will be arranged by our customer care/agent to the customer once BOLE received the Get New SIM order and will also process for creditreloa

Can I change the reserved number once the order was successfully made?

No. The number that was chosen for reservation will be registered during processing day, and you can only change the number once you received the new SIM through the self-care account


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Untuk pertanyaan mengenai perniagaan BOLE

0108-0108 96

Kidmat Pelanggan BOLE

0111-520-BOLE (2653)

Untuk pertanyaan mengenai rangkaian mudah alih

13100 / 03-2772 0000


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